Red Lion Norwich


The Red Lion stands beside the historic medieval Bishop Bridge. This is the oldest bridge still in use in the UK.

The site of the Red Lion has been a pub since the building of the Cathedral and the bridge in 1249. The present building dates from around 1760 with parts going back as far as the 15th century.

The River was a main thoroughfare into the city as was Bishopgate which led to the Bishops Palace.  It is said there are numerous tunnels leading from the pub up to the Cathedral.

Robert Ketts fought to keep out King Charles on this site and many Kings and Queens including Mary Queen of Scotts has made the journey over the Bishops Bridge and up Bishopgate.

On a more gruesome note many accused witches were dragged over the bridge to Lollards Pit opposite where they were burned to death.

Happily it is a much more tranquil setting these days, a great place to relax by the river, watch the wildlife and enjoy a pint or two.